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Welcome to NOCO Chocolates

Pure Indulgence, Women-Powered, Community-Centric, Loved by All.

Nestled amidst the Rocky Mountain landscape, NOCO Chocolates stands as a beacon of pure indulgence, a haven where the art of crafting chocolate meets the essence of empowerment. As a women-owned enterprise, we proudly weave stories of sustainability, craftsmanship, and unparalleled taste into every meticulously handcrafted piece.

Every piece of our chocolate is an experience that tells a story of passion, purity, and the pursuit of joy. Our journey began with a simple dream and has blossomed into a mission to bring people together through the universal language of sweet indulgence.

Our Story

Behind every brand is a story, and ours is crafted with love, determination, and a sprinkle of cocoa. Our founder, Sara Khoudary, embarked on a journey from a high-paced, successful career to a path less traveled—a path that led to the rediscovery of life's simple pleasures. Sara's childhood dream of creating moments of joy and connection through the art of chocolate-making became the cornerstone of NOCO Chocolates. It's not just about chocolate; it's about reigniting the sparks of happiness and togetherness that life offers.

Our Mission

At NOCO Chocolates, we're more than just a chocolate shop. We are a heartbeat in the community, a place where the love for all-natural, handcrafted confections becomes a medium for connections, memories, and shared experiences. Our mission is to cultivate a community brand that not only satisfies the sweet tooth but also nurtures relationships, educates palates, and ignites the senses. Through our unique experiences and delectable products, we aim to create a tapestry of moments that enrich lives and bring people closer.

Our Commitment

We believe in purity, quality, and inclusivity. Our chocolates and caramels are a testament to our dedication to these principles:

  • All-Natural Ingredients: Every bite is free from artificial additives, ensuring you enjoy the true essence of cacao and natural sweetness.
  • Handcrafted Perfection: Our chocolates and caramels are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring each piece is a work of art.
  • Inclusive Choices: With soy-free, corn-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly options, there's something for everyone to relish.
  • Community Focus: We're not just selling chocolates; we're creating experiences. From educational workshops to tasting events, we're dedicated to being an active, contributing member of our community.

Our Products

Dive into a world where chocolate isn't just food; it's an experience. Our product line is designed to cater to all tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring that everyone can find something to love. From the velvety smoothness of our handcrafted chocolates to the rich, comforting warmth of our caramels, each product is a journey through flavors and textures, made with love and the finest natural ingredients.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to be a part of our story, to share in the joy of discovery, and to create lasting memories with NOCO Chocolates. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine chocolates or simply looking for a moment of sweetness, we welcome you to explore, taste, and connect with us.

Welcome to NOCO Chocolates - where every chocolate is a bridge to a sweeter, more connected world.

Meet Our Founder

Sara Khoudary: The Heart and Soul Behind NOCO Chocolates

Sara Khoudary, a beacon of creativity and passion in the world of chocolate.


Sara Khoudary, Founder of NOCO Chocolates
Certified Professional Chocolatier

Have you ever harbored a childhood dream that seemed to veer off course as life unfolded in unexpected directions?

Well, I'm living proof that dreams can indeed become reality.

My love affair with chocolate and baking began in the innocence of childhood. I cherished baking so much that I'd feign illness just to stay home and immerse myself in creating cakes, pies, and all sorts of delightful treats. While baking came naturally to me, my heart yearned for something more specific—I dreamed of crafting chocolate. The allure of chocolate and caramel, coupled with the boundless creativity they promised, captivated me. Yet, the journey to fulfilling this dream was anything but straightforward.

Chocolate may have been my dream, but life's realities often have a way of sidelining our most cherished aspirations. As college approached, my initial desire to become a pastry chef was shelved in favor of a more "responsible" path in business. Despite this detour, the passion and dream for chocolate making never faded. It lingered persistently, a sweet vision of someday owning my own chocolate shop, of embracing the identity of a Professional Chocolatier.

I firmly believe that each of us has a destined path, even if we find success elsewhere. For years, I excelled in business, yet I knew deep down that it wasn't where I belonged. The vision of becoming a Professional Chocolatier remained a constant, swirling in my thoughts like perfectly tempered chocolate. The longing was palpable, a dream that refused to be ignored.

My commitment to this dream never wavered, as I keenly followed an international chocolate school and ventured to Europe to learn from the masters. Then, amid the global pandemic, a simple conversation with a dear friend steered me back to my true path. When asked what I would choose to do if anything were possible, my heart knew the answer. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, I dared to dream. By day's end, I had enrolled in the Professional Chocolatier program I had long admired. I had taken the leap.

Now, I am living my childhood dream, crafting chocolates that reflect my vision and passion. My journey has taught me that it's never too late to pursue what brings you joy, to create something that delights both the creator and those who partake in their creations.

At NOCO Chocolates, we do things differently. My love for chocolate is matched only by my commitment to using organic and natural ingredients, avoiding the common allergens and additives found in many commercial chocolates. We offer consciously crafted, indulgent treats that everyone can enjoy.

This is my story. This is my dream realized.

And I'm here to tell you: DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.

Our Products - Natures' Pure Indulgence.

Our Philosophy: Pure, Simple, Empowering

Handcrafted Splendor

Our chocolates are a labor of love, handcrafted using traditional methods and the purest ingredients sourced directly from nature. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality and the artisanal craft meticulously handcrafted. Every piece embodies the dedication and passion poured into creating a symphony of flavors.

All-Natural Goodness

We believe in the purity of nature. Our chocolates are made from all-natural ingredients, free from artificial additives. The rich, velvety flavors of our cocoa are accentuated by natural sweeteners, organic spices, and genuine wholesome ingredients, for an unadulterated taste experience.

Celebrating Women's Spirit

NOCO Chocolates is more than a brand; it's a celebration of women's resilience and creativity. Founded and operated by Sara Khoudary, through her example we strive to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs by creating a ripple effect of strength and sustainability.

Our Collection

Signature Bars: Crafted with unique cocoa blends and infused with exotic flavors, our signature bars cater to diverse palates. From the bold intensity of dark chocolate to the creamy delight of milk chocolate, there's a bar for every craving.

Artisan Bonbons: Immerse yourself in the decadent world of our hand-crafted artisan bonbons. Encased in our finest chocolate, these gems are filled with velvety ganaches and natural flavor infusions, providing a burst of joy with every bite.

Seasonal Specialties: Embrace the flavors of the seasons with our limited-edition collections. Whether it's the spice of autumn, the freshness of spring, or the warmth of winter holidays, our seasonal specialties capture the essence of each time of year.

Custom Creations: Tailor your chocolate experience with our custom creations. Personalize flavors, designs, and packaging for a bespoke touch, perfect for gifting or special occasions.

Sustainability in Every Bite

From sourcing to production, sustainability is at the heart of NOCO Chocolates. We support small-scale cocoa farmers, ensuring fair trade practices and promoting organic farming. Our eco-friendly packaging reflects our commitment to pleasing not only palates but also preserving the planet as best we can.

Step into NOCO, Chocolates  where every chocolate narrates a tale of passion, purity, and empowerment. Indulge in guilt-free joy and join us on the journey towards a sustainable, women-empowered world.

Embrace nature's sweetness where every bite is a step towards a more sustainable and empowered world.